High Street Parking

Parking in Chepstow High Street is a huge problem at the moment, having increased significantly over recent years. Although we do not currently have a dedicated parking enforcement operative on the route (that’s Traffic Warden to me and you) we do have prosecution quality CCTV whose feeds go to a state of the art centre in Blaenavon. I intend to start a campaign in the next couple of weeks to try and encourage people not to park along the main stretch. I, for one, would rather remind folk of the right thing to do than just start handing out tickets and ruining people’s days. I’m hoping for the support of Chepstow’s retailers in this “notice” campaign.

The Town Council is also in discussion about whether we should take on more enforcement responsibility from County Council, as this is one of the areas which can be devolved to them. I will be supporting that case.

Update: You may have seen that retailers on the high street have begun displaying the notices in their windows. I had a great response and support from both retailers and residents. I am still working, as are Town Council, on getting extra enforcement.