Weeds, Shabby Buildings and Grubby Roadsigns.

Weeds are a perennial problem, but one that greatly affects how the centre of our town looks. As well as ensuring that the County Council does what it can to reduce the problem I hope to be organising a band of volunteers to take more direct action on this, and cleaning the Town Centre signs. They seem like small acts, but I believe that encouraging a love and pride in our Town is critical for our future success. If you would like to give up an hour on a weekend to help with this sort of volunteering please do not hesitate to get in touch!

There are also many buildings on our high street that are looking broken down and shabby. In most instances there is little that can be done with these if the owners do not wish to take pride in their appearance. Where it is possible, on listed buildings for instance, I am already talking to officers on County Council about the possibility of “Compulsory Work Notices” to force people to take action. Where it is not there are still ways to encourage the owners to engage. I am looking at the possibility of a “flag” campaign on the high street, with support from local businesses and organisations.

Update: Thanks go to the owners of the Glance Back bookshop, which is pictured here. In response to being contacted by Monmouthshire County Council they have given the building’s exterior some much needed T.L.C. It’s great to see it looking so much better!

The town also looks much better for having been weeded now (as per the County Council schedule). I put in a special request for the Memorial to be weeded in time for Armed Forces Day. Council officers managed to fit that in, for which I’d like to thank them.

Also, Chepstow Chamber of Commerce are running a “Love Where you Live” campaign right now to address this very issue. I’m working with them to help in whatever way I can.