Resident’s Parking

There have been quite a few complaints about residents who are not able to park because of other road users taking the spaces.

Clearly, there is an enforcement element to this issue, and as I’ve stated under the High Street Parking post I support the Town Council taking more responsibility for parking enforcement from County Council so that we may better address the problem. In the meantime it’s worth noting a few of the changes being made to try and help.

First off, there is to be £1 a day parking in some areas to allow workers in the Town Centre to be able to park more cheaply, hopefully persuading those that have to travel to work to park away from residents’ provision. I’ll post some more on this scheme as I find out.

There is also to be a section of the Drill Hall car park to be made residents only after 6pm, to help ensure they have provision.

I welcome any similar suggestions residents may have.