New Parks for Old!

The  “Friends of the Dell Park” are working hard on remaking Castle Dell park into a spectacular new destination play area. As well as praising their efforts I’d like to thank the Denny family, who own the land, for renewing the lease with Monmouthshire County Council under terms that enable the project to go ahead. Keep an eye on the facebook group for more updates.

On the other side of the Ward, in Garden City, the equally dedicated Garden City Community Group are working to improve the playing fields. Plans include a sensory garden, supported by Chepstow Lions Club & Transition Chepstow (with Mencap providing input), and a new play area. It is hoped that they may be able to benifit from “Section 106” funds from the development of the Mabey Bridge Site on the other side of the trainline. For those that are unaware, Section 106 refers to community contribution funds required of developers under planning law.

Both of these projects represent the fantastic, community driven, residents that we have in St. Mary’s Ward. I feel proud that we live in a town with people willing to volunteer their time in this way.