Every town has to contend with litter. Chepstow, in particular, often feels untidy in this regard. In my opinion the solution is two fold. Education and enforcement.

I’m currently working on a campaign that I hope to persuade Chepstow’s secondary schools to be involved with to try and reduce the incidental littering that can occur by pupils. I’ll post more on this as it progresses.

Also though, we have issues with retail litter, it’s proper collection and the responsibilities of businesses in regards to their shop fronts. I’ve taken a briefing on this at county level and will be trying to work out some ways to better organise and support businesses so that we do not have litter from seagull ravaged bags spilling down the high street.

The current system for identifying misuse of residential bags is weakly enforced and, in giving people the chance to resort their rubbish, can lead to bags out on the street for extended periods of time. Tackling this shortcoming is a County Policy issue, but one that I will be making representations on.

In Town the clearing of litter is split between County and Town Councils, with some provision provided by Town on the weekend. Taking over more “Street Scene” responsibilities is part of an ongoing discussion between the two organisations. I think it is something we should be doing and will be supporting such a transfer where possible, unless I hear differently from St. Mary’s residents.