Dog Fouling

People have a responsibility to clean up after their dogs. I clean up after mine. It drives me crazy when others don’t. It’s a sentiment shared by pretty much every other resident of St. Mary’s. It is a notorious subject, and notoriously difficult to solve as enforcement is extremely impractical.

There is a county wide scheme that Chepstow used to belong to “Give Dog Fouling the Red Card” which I am petitioning we re-join as a Town Council to begin with. So far the suggestion has been met with reluctance as it was not seen as successful when used before. I still think we should be part of it, rather than not, and will continue to investigate.

In the meantime, residents can report instances using the “My Monmouthshire” App and their smart phones (available on Android & Apple devices). Doing so would help raise awareness of the trouble spots and bolster the case for action.

I am also working with County Council to install new bins in Garden City, in a hope that greater provision will encourage people to clean up after themselves. There is to be one placed on the pedestrianised part of School Hill. I have asked for one to be investigated for the Bus Stop on Garden City Way and at the exit from the park into Rockwood Road. As a Town Councillor I am also chasing a new litter bin for the town side of the Tesco underpass.