If you see me walking Audrey & Arthur, feel free to stop me for a chat…

I was elected to the post of Town and County Councillor for St. Mary’s Ward in Chepstow in May of 2017 and as there is so much going on across Monmouthshire, and in Chepstow in particular, I started this blog as I wanted to have a way of keeping residents updated on it all and on how I’m working on their behalf.

I occupy two roles. I am one of three Town Councillors for St. Mary’s Ward. These are voluntary positions. We can receive £150 per year to cover expenses, but are otherwise unpaid. The Town Council’s responsibilities vary from topic to topic, and more can be found at www.chepstow.co.uk. Our meetings are, where confidentiality allows, public and I encourage anyone interested to attend. The more engagement with residents in that forum the better. In particular I sit on the Town Amenities and Personnel Sub-committees.

I am also the sole Monmouthshire County Councillor for the St. Mary’s Ward. In this capacity my remit is to work towards the good of the County as a whole, whilst representing in particular the concerns of my Ward. At County level I sit on the Planning Select Committee and the Economic Development Select Committee. County Council is a paid position, with a wage of roughly £13,000 per year (gross) depending on a councillor’s responsibilities. I also, occasionally, take work as a freelance computer programmer and am the primary carer of my wife and I’s 3 young children.